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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A rose does smell that sweet

What girl doesn't like having her special beau give her a rose? Especially when it's random? On occasion David will pluck a rose from his front yard and give it to me. It's usually when I have had a bad day, but it perks me right up! Twice this week my nose was blessed with the sweet fragrance of a pink rose from his front yard.

All the boys in David's house knows of this special interchange. I was once accused (jokingly, of course...hopefully...) and was told: "So that's where all the roses went!" when I shared with them of the joy it brings me. 

This particular rose was given on Sunday for no reason in particular other then, I suppose, David loves me. He mysteriously took some scissors out to the front and cut this small rose and put it lovingly in my hair. I think David at that moment was more adorable than the rose. A fellow ward member told us that since we were engaged to be married the flower MUST be put on the left side., I wouldn't want any stray boy to think I was available, now, would I. 

And here is a picture of David just because. Seriously, who could resist a handsome man reading?