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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Even More Beautiful Homes in Sandy Springs

These are beautiful, normal size houses. Well, most of them. Don't you love East Coast architecture?

I really love this one. (Above picture)

The above one is to die for. 

As is this one. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Singing time: There is safety in following the prophet

I got this idea from another blogger and then expanded it. One of the songs we are singing for our program is Stand for the Right. Our primary learned this song last year so we just reviewed it and kept learning Easter Hosanna.

I made various signs that help us be safe.

These two signs are pretty obvious. Could they stop and start with me?  The next two were a bit trickier for the kids (and for me...I am not sure I thought it through all the way...)

Depending on the sign I held up they had to turn that direction and keep singing. (What I didn't think through was that I would ALSO have to move to get in front of the kids). It was a bit too busy and noisy for it to be successful. Maybe we'll use these signs again when they hard-core know the songs. 

These signs were a lot of fun. Unfortunately I couldn't find a Speed Limit sign that went faster than 45 MPH. Oh well. Our pianist was a good sport and really exaggerated the speed. :)

The last two signs aren't exactly for safety, but I thought they were close enough. I think it is important to go into the right restroom... Safe? Perhaps.

It was fun to switch the signs and see if they could follow. They did a pretty good job, but it wasn't the most calm singing time we have ever had. Occasionally I let the kids hold up the signs and decide when to switch them. It was a great way to review the songs!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter surprises

David and I had one of those cliche-cute moments in our marriage on Easter morning. As you may know (and as David knows VERY well), holiday's are a big deal. I think I just love traditions and making occasions special.

The Easter Bunny told me that it was now my duty to make Easter morning special. This is almost as exciting as Easter egg hunts. I gathered up a few books I got from Goodwill (David almost has all of the Hardy Boy series), candy from the dollar store, and some tooth brushes. Practicality is always appreciated.

There is no better way to give a gift than to hide it first. Our apartment is lacking in empty space so hiding places become an issue. I have already claimed two boxes lurking in our closet (David knows not to peek in there upon pain of Rachel's sorrow), as well as inside the suitcases. The only safe place left was the dryer.

The next obstacle to overcome was getting David to open the dryer. This was a problem considering it was Sunday. That morning I asked David in my very polite, loving, earnest voice "David, I think there are some clothes still in the dryer. Can you get them out for me, please?" David, being the practical man he is responded by asking "Can the clothes wait?" me: "I don't know..." D: "Rachel, can they wait." (it was more of a statement than a question, so I left off the question mark). me: "I guess..."

Drat! My plan had been foiled. I spent my entire shower thinking of another way to get David to look in the dryer. I finally came up with this plan. I asked in my most sweet, puppy-dog, 'I am your wife, and don't you want to make me happy look' voice and asked. "David, pleeeease. (Cue lower lip) Can you at least check to see if they are still wet?"

Ah ha! I'm brilliant.

David, on the other hand, displayed an incredible sense of chivalry and charm. He knew I would miss my parents annual Easter Egg hunt. It is one of my favorite things about life. It is very fair. Everyone gets the same amount of eggs. Well, he set up an Easter egg hunt just for me!

He woke me up Easter morning with this:

It says: "Now I am all by my lonesome. There should be twelve of us, you see. If you would find all my siblings I know it would fill me with glee! --From the lone egg Happy Easter, my love David"

Cue heavy sighs of affection.

So after my shower I went on the prowl. And found eggs filled with these!

He bought me TWELVE Cadbury Eggs. Four of caramel, creme, and chocolate creme. He really shouldn't have. :) I have the most thoughtful husband in the whole world. He is so good to me.

Even if he leaves a mess on the bathroom counter from emptying the above basket with its contents. ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Decor

My Mom is absolutely amazing. I love her so much! She is so thoughtful to send little care packages all the way to Georgia. A few weeks ago she sent a cute banner and plaque she made. It made our apartment very cozy.

I wasn't quite sure where to hang it. There aren't very many walls in our front living area that are big enough and have a spot to tie the banner up.

I think the plaque is adorable. The Country Bunny is one of my favorite books. It has a feminist undertone, which I think makes it all the more charming.

And meet Mr. Hamilton. He is incredibly cuddly and therapeutic for sad days. I got him while my Uncle Steven was battling cancer. He received this bunny as a get well gift but for some reason I knew that he wasn't going to keep it. As soon as I saw him I felt this deep connection with him. I intimately knew his thoughts and feelings, and he mine. We were meant to be friends and I couldn't bare the thought of parting from him. What if he didn't have a good home? So I asked my Grandma for him and surprisingly she said yes!