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Monday, April 16, 2012

Singing time: There is safety in following the prophet

I got this idea from another blogger and then expanded it. One of the songs we are singing for our program is Stand for the Right. Our primary learned this song last year so we just reviewed it and kept learning Easter Hosanna.

I made various signs that help us be safe.

These two signs are pretty obvious. Could they stop and start with me?  The next two were a bit trickier for the kids (and for me...I am not sure I thought it through all the way...)

Depending on the sign I held up they had to turn that direction and keep singing. (What I didn't think through was that I would ALSO have to move to get in front of the kids). It was a bit too busy and noisy for it to be successful. Maybe we'll use these signs again when they hard-core know the songs. 

These signs were a lot of fun. Unfortunately I couldn't find a Speed Limit sign that went faster than 45 MPH. Oh well. Our pianist was a good sport and really exaggerated the speed. :)

The last two signs aren't exactly for safety, but I thought they were close enough. I think it is important to go into the right restroom... Safe? Perhaps.

It was fun to switch the signs and see if they could follow. They did a pretty good job, but it wasn't the most calm singing time we have ever had. Occasionally I let the kids hold up the signs and decide when to switch them. It was a great way to review the songs!


Julie said...

Your dad saw this post and commented to me about how incredibly creative you are. Those kids are so blessed to have you. :)

Erica said...

haha. I do believe it is a good thing to go in the right bathroom. You are a creative girl! I bet the primary LOVES you.

Nicole Wendorff said...

Sounds like you are a fantastic singing time leader :-) and that you're enjoying yourself.

Jennilyn said...

This is the same calling I had when we were first married! Loved it! It was the year the Children's Primary Songbook was new, so I was learning with the children. One of my favorite things to do when I sub now is use wind-wands, 3 foot ribbons attatched to dowels with a fishing swivel thing, bead on top so nobody gets eye-poked. Then they would follow my actions with their own baton. You can make it snake on the ground, up and over shoulder, all kinds of fun moving with music. I use simplified ASL signs a lot. Name that tune challenge ("Can you name the song in 5 notes, 4? 3? 2?). Great blessings from great callings!