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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late Winter Utah Trip 2014

I was super blessed and lucky enough to fly out to Utah at the end of February in celebration of my sister going through the temple for the first time. It was super neat to be there for her on that special day.

Food is a mandatory part of any celebration, don't you think? The following pictures were snapped while we were waiting for our food. I ate waaaay too much…

I love this lady!
Later that day I joined up with the Reece's for some bowling and ice cream.

Thanks, Amy, for the picture!

Earlier in the week I spent some time enjoying the sunshine and good book.

During the short stay I was also able to meet up with good friend Emily and meet her newborn daughter. Thanks for letting me hold her for so long, Em!

We also celebrated Kellie's 24th birthday with (of course) food and cake. Kellie graciously asked me to make her cake and dinner. Oh how I love cooking for a crowd!

I also went to one of Abby's futsol games. She played marvelously.

The night before I left for Atlanta I went over to my Grandma Woodfield's for a quick visit. Oh how I love her!