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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful list

Long time no write. Sorry about that. Life got crazy...I'll write about that...later. But I thought, in the spirit of the season I would write a thankful list. I love reading blogs, and many had thankful lists. It was fun seeing what they were thankful for and remembering what I was thankful for.

1. For my family living so close. I can get rather sentimental and so it is wonderful having them so close around the holidays. I love my family. I've never really had to "move away" because I'm from Provo. Since college I've lived away from home, but I always managed to see them at least once a week. Usually more. And I'm going to miss that. A lot.

2. For my dearest David. I couldn't have him be just on one number, so I'll make it several. He cares about me so much. He is always there for me.

3. That David cooks breakfast and makes lunch in the morning for both of us. This allows me to sleep in a few extra minutes--which I need.

4. Notice that I said COOKS breakfast. At least 4 times a week we have a hot meal--and that includes pancakes, waffles, and muffins.

5. For my sweet sister Abby, who always readily gives me a hug and for thinking of ways to brighten their day.

6. For my Little 6 ft 2 inch 15 year old brother who is slowly but surely becoming someone who I can actually talk to. And we both enjoy the conversation.

7. For my beloved sister Kellie, who is the biggest example to me of kindness and selfless service despite  her crazy and busy schedule.

8. For my Mother who was a stay at home mom my entire life and NEVER thinks of herself first. Or second. Or third. She is always looking for ways to help David and I out and I am so thankful for that. And for her unending patience for me.

9. For my Dad. Wow. For his talks/ chats with me about EVERYTHING. No offense, but I don't think anyone could understand the relationship that I have with him. He, along with my mother, has taught me and guided me through the most rocky points in my life. He has helped me understand myself and has never given up on me.

10. For David never giving up on me. He knows exactly who I am and what my weaknesses are. And he knew these things before we got married. And he still wanted to marry me. And was even more determined to do so.

11. For my talent of cooking. And that it is a treat and stress reliever and useful.

12. For heavy-duty wrapping paper

13. For the holiday traditions my family passed down to me. I am excited to introduce them to David.

14. For David's family. I don't know how or why, but apparently they really really like me. And I am grateful I'm not seen as a strange horned toad in their family pond.

15. For David's dad's death. Don't get me wrong. I wish this didn't happen. BUT, I am pretty darn sure that David and I wouldn't have gotten married if this didn't happen. He was shaped and changed because of this experience and is much better for it. I can't wait to meet his Dad.

16. For amazing musical experiences. For the times when you are performing with an ensemble and it just GELS. You are one with everyone else and the power that music creates is beyond anything.

17.  For the times that I have felt loved ones who have passed beyond the veil give me comfort and strength and hope.

18. For the scriptures and the peace it gives.

19. For my ever faithful Santa Bear.

20. For prayer. And that God listens to me.

21. For texting. In my case, it is faster and more effective most of the time than calling. That and you can send cute messages to your significant other.

22. For clean clothing. Or any clothes. And for my favorite outfits.

23. For David and my income and that we have enough to get by.

24. For Grants and Scholarships.

25. For my teacher Dr. Clayton who supports me and stands by my side. For her guidance in not just the flute, but life as well.

26. For my flute. I am so incredibly blessed to have the flute I have right now. I wouldn't be the flute player I am today with out it.

27. For opportunities to play in sacrament meeting and other church functions.

28. For good and loyal friends. You know who you are.

29. For extended family who strive to keep in contact with me despite long distances.

30. Back to David. For his quirky sense of humor that matches mine.

31. That David humors my dramatic speeches

32. That David changed his mind and decided that marrying during college was a good idea after all.

33. That David is a dedicated home teacher.

34. For David unending patience. It never waivers. I don't think there is anything I can do to make him lose his patience. Sometimes I try to make him lose it. He never blows. Nope. Not yet. And I doubt if ever.

35. For the christmas tree my parents gave us. A cute, fake, 4.5 foot tall one crammed with ornaments.

36. For a temple SOOO close by.

37. For the opportunity to get a Master's degree.

38. For amazing flute students who say thank you and actually seem to like you.

39. For hot chocolate. And roasted marshmallows.

40. For Costco Almond Poppy Seed muffins

41. That David is becoming more exuberant to match my own. Either that or his is humoring me. Either way. He's not that boring, home-body I thought he was. NO SIR. Ha. My parents are constantly surprised too, especially compared to my descriptions of him a year and a half a go.

42. For David's ambition to get a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

43. That David holds my hand when we walk. I see some couples never holding hands when they walk and it saddens my heart.

44. That David wears his wedding ring and will forever. Some people don't. Bah Humbug to them.

45. That David and I are not in debt.

46. For squashes of all kinds. And sweet potatoes.

47. For Google.

48. For Macs. And Apple's creativity.

49. For my father's employment and for virtual chemlab.

50. For Argyle socks.

51. For HULU. I just discovered it. And that Stargate SG-1 is on it.

52. For my Grandmother Stoker's dedication to family. And her AMAZING light as a feather, buttery, rolls that NO one can duplicate.

53. For my Grandmother Woodfield's sarcasim.

54. For my Grandpa Stoker's amazing musical talent that he SHARED it with those around him.

55. For my Grandpa Woodfield's hard work and that he passed it down to my Father.

56. For David's red hair.

57. For the gummy vitamins my mom gave me.

58. For the people who read this blog. I love you. :)

59. For my mom's creative ways to entertain, etc Kellie and I when we were young.

60. For the gospel of Jesus Christ.

61. For many, MANY more things.