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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Organizing always creates a mess

I only have half my Mother's genes. I love to organize, but I get bored half way through and I take forever. I would much rather plan how to best go about organizing then actually organize it. Is that bad? Will this trait of mine ever do me any good?

That said, our apartment is still a mess. It's hard to organize when you have a bazillion other things to do. I try to clean a little bit everyday... Oh well.

BUT! We did accomplish the most important thing: We put up our books. Between the two of us we have two bookshelves full plus a bit in the entertainment center and in our desk. It is ridiculous. David is planing (and I concur) that the two largest room in our future house will be the kitchen and library. Beauty and the Beast style.

So, for my mother-in-law's perusal pleasure, here are a few pictures of our less than perfect apartment. :)

This is the before:

And this is the after:


Julie said...

Love seeing photos of your place!

Bradyn and Nikki said...

:) Bradyn just can't believe that I like to hang onto all my books... At least you and David agree on that subject. :)