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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The bike ride

David has the car for work so I am stuck at home all day without a car, but today I rode my bike and it was quite the adventure. I felt very eco-friendly. Suddenly I was several people: the poor, almost homeless man, the car-less college student, the Asian, and the obsessive girl who only eats organic food, is a vegan, whose favorite color is green, and often reflects on her hippie roots.

It was kind of fun changing my routine up a bit and exercising not only my muscles but also my imagination. That is, until it started pouring and I got lost. While it was raining, windy, and cold, I recieved some appologetic looks from several strangers, which strangly enough made me feel independant. But I got a lot done! I got a new drivers licence, turned in check, got some quarters, and picked up some toothpaste.

The adventure made made me think of "Bicycle" by Journey. Not only did I unlock my bike from the dust of winter, but I found a new mode of transportation this summer. AND it will help me get outside and away from the apartment.  Don't get me wrong, I am loving this "no job and no school" thing. Shows you how burnt my brain has become. It's fun to play house. Who knew being a house-wife was so much fun. Cleaning, cooking, organizing, laundering, etc. makes me feel very domestic. I rather like this aspect of womanhood. I think it suits me fine.

The above picture is a manifestation of this new found joy. Of course I love cooking! But now I have time to experiment. Example: Zucchini, banana, orange muffins.

For the record, the were OK... not fantastic. Note to self: I don't like orange flavored anything. Why can't I remember?


Betty said...

I'm glad you were able to accomplish a lot even though you were without a car.

Erica said...

Go you!! I love bike rides. Riding a bike is a *fun way to exercise. I hope you are doing great. You deserve a BrEaK! (I don't like orange flavored stuff either. Orange rolls are not my fav)

Anonymous said...

Oh Rach, I love you. Don't leave me!!!