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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fluffy water vapor

The past two weeks captured my imagination. It happened as I was 10,000 feet up looking out the window. 
Clouds like these were especially prominent. The smooth layer mimicked what was underneath--a vast, never ending ocean.

Often the clouds would suddenly part as if a big wedge was cut from the earth looking down into a deep chasm. (sorry--no picture). 

How blessed we are to be able to look at such a wonder so close. It is special--it could only happen in this day and age. It makes me feel very grateful for the opportunity to experience nature in such a way. 
Here the clouds mimic whip cream piled high atop a coconut cream pie. 

Or here the clouds mimic earth. 

Think about it. These beautiful shapes are essentially water--condensed water vapor.

I think it's cool. 

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, so cute ;)