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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Atlanta Recently (the past 4 months...)

I think motivation for blog-writing comes in waves. Perhaps this post is the start of a very long one? Early in the year the primary hosted a "Primary Pajama Pancake Party" It was successful, but only an hour into it. ha. Mormon Standard Time? Relaxed Southern Time?

This is Jessica and we're VT companions!

David was a good husband and accompanied me. I forgave his computer for accompanying him.

Our awesome pianist.

And then we had a girls night while the guys were at the Priesthood session. 

I made a home made confetti cake for David's birthday...I learned a few things, including, don't buy cheap sprinkles because they melt. It looks like half the batter is composed of fruity pebbles, no?

And I'm simply in love with our birthday banner my mom made me.

I figured a few more sprinkles wouldn't hurt...

David requested the ONE thing I didn't know how to make: biscuits and gravy. His mom makes gold-medal worthy breakfasts. With her detailed coaching and encouragement it turned out quite yummy, if I do say so myself. After all, David ate more than I have ever seen him eat before in one sitting.

Ok, ok. So I don't know how to make turducken, home made puff pastry, ect. 

I don't remember why we had three candles. He turned 26... There was at least SOME logic involved in the decision.


Julie said...

Hooray! A post with lots of pictures. I love everything about this. Thank you!

Jennilyn said...

I have seen recipes for homemade sprinkles--haven't tried it yet, but our son-by-marriage LOVES sprinkles, so it is on my list of things to master. Fun to see your ward activities & friends! And bisquit & gravy rocks! That is my favorite meal John makes--he learned how to make it on his mission to Oklahoma, southern-style yumminess.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing an update on your life. You are always so productive and working on beautifying the world! Love you, Rachel!