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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Mom #4 Christmas at the Reece's

Well, howdy! You recently asked me to post pictures of our Christmas decorations and I am happy to oblige. I love our little Christmas tree. it is the perfect size for our apartment. David says we have too many ornaments, though. I think he's being silly. When our ornaments out grow our tree, we'll just get two trees.

Do you remember those lights? I can't believe they still work... But they do make taking good photos difficult. Or maybe I still don't understand my camera. I didn't want to cheat and use a flash.

This little guy below is our newest edition. His wings are made out of wood. I think it he is beautiful. 

And I'm sure you recognize these two: 

I love how each of the ornaments on our tree contains a memory. That's how Christmas should be: full of memories.

I'm sure you've heard this story behind our star, before. But during our first Christmas when we were decorating I realized that we didn't have a star to put on top of our tree! (What a monstrosity!) I knew about your story, but didn't want to copy it. David came to the rescue and put a cookie cutter on our tree that had recently broken. Like Dad, I'm not sure David will ever want to change and put a nice one on top!


Next to our tree is our collection of Christmas stories. I think I need a bigger basket... and there are so many more out there that have yet to be found at Goodwill!

I LOVE nativity scenes. I keep telling David how I want to start collecting them. There are so many beautiful ones out there. If you look closely, you can see that the angel is holding a makes me laugh. It actually doesn't belong to the willow tree nativity set, but I don't care. I'm certain a cat was also present at the birth of our Savior.  

And don't forget about our Swedish Elves! Bringing these out each Christmas is one of my favorite parts.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. 


Julie said...

I never thought about a cat at the manger, but of course, there would be at least one cat in a stable, right? :) Thanks for all the great photos. Where did you get that green wooden Christmas tree on the table by your hands-on nativity?

Bonnie said...

Rachel! We share a Goodwill children's book obsession (or Christmas books, but most Christmas books are Children's books, so...yeah...I have a problem). Also, your Wooden nativity is the same one my family had growing up and it made me all fuzzy inside to see it. I definitely need more nativities.

You're amazing!