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Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Years and February Snow

I've been meaning to write this blog since…February. Oops. Better late than never? For New Years we invited all of the families in our ward that a) had no kids and b) lived in the midtown area for a New Years Bash. It was super fun to spend time with everyone.

We played movie charades and while I have a ton of pictures of everyone acting…weird…I don't have their consent to post unflattering pictures of them. David on the other hand...


In February Georgia experienced two snow storms, the first of which paralyzed the city. I initially made fun of Georgia for reacting so strongly for a little bit of snow. But then it started sticking to the roads… and then every single business and every single school let their kids/employees out early so already crowded streets became nightmares. I would say it was even worse than what was being reported. It took some of my students 8 hours to get home from school. Some of their friends didn't even make it at all and had to spend the night at school or stranded on a school bus.  

My Uncle finally parked his car on the side of the road and walked the rest of the way home.

It kept right on snowing.

Look how deep it got!

And finally…silence. David and I have never heard the city so quiet.

But some good came of it! Diana and Omar made one of the only flights into Atlanta right before they canceled every flight in and out of the city. They tried to make it home via MARTA, but Diana's Mom couldn't even make it to the station before it became obvious that she needed to turn around. Even then it took her several hours to make it the 2 miles or so she already drove. As a result they bunked with us for the night! It was fun. :)

I've repeatedly told David how much fun it would be to be snowed in with nothing to do but eat and play games. I got my wish with an added bonus of the Valverde's joining the fun! 

We miss you, Diana and Omar!


Diana C. said...

We miss you guys too! This post brought back a lot of awesome memories. Love you lots. hopefully we get snowed in again too! Ps. we will be in atlanta for our whole visit in JULY!!!!

Jennilyn said...

It is funny how big families have overlapping generations: your great Uncle Harold on younger end, and your Grandma & my mom older end of family so that you and Diana are peers, the way your mom and I were cousin-peers. Only in big families like ours! It has been nice to get to know a cousin through your blog!