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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only the beginning

So, the short story of how David and I met: Same ward. And initially same FHE. He moved into the ward January 2009 after he got home from his mission in Germany sometime late fall. I kind of liked him up until our first date and was way ecstatic when he asked me on our first date in March 2009. Yeah, well, I find out later I am the third girl he asks.

Well, the date makes me like him a bit less and he likes me a lot more because he loves how impressed I am about his mother. I guess I remind him of her. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun date (who wouldn't want to go the 5 browns), but...

But I am still interested him a bit...but that gradually wanes to an embarrassed, ugh, not that guy again towards the end of the summer. Mind you, I do have moments where I am thinking, wow, what an awesome guy. He would be an amazing father and whoever he ends up marrying.
And he is apparently head over heals for me and can't stop liking me, even though he tried several times. Our dates gradually increase and I start to let past prejudices go and look at him for who he is and I am amazed. Apparently I did not like the David that was trying to impress me. I liked the David who was goofy and fun to be with--the one he was around his family.

We started dating officially around the middle of November. On November 1st he asks me to go on a walk with him (not an unusual occurrence) and he takes me to a secluded place and asks me if I would consider being more than friends with him. Would even fathom it. And I said...maybe. I was too busy being asked out by other guys. I was interested in several other guys at the same time. Well, what really was the clincher was as we were walking back was he asked: "Rachel, what do I have to do to win you over?" awe!!! Isn't that so darling? Well, I certainly thought so.
And thus our relationship was born. He asked me to marry him in about the same spot where he asked I would consider being more than friends with him.

Not to be mushy--because mush is only meant for breakfast, and maybe not even then, but David is so amazing. Girls, I am so lucky. He is NOT the person I thought he was. So, give guys a chance! Listen to your heart. :) You might be surprised. :) And now we get to be a new family soon. Less than a month!


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST! Love you two! So cute! I can't WAIT for wedding events to start! :)

Bradyn and Nikki said...
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Bradyn and Nikki said...

Sigh! I'm so happy for you guys!!!! Cute,cute, cute pics by the way!!!! You look fantastic :) And I said the same thing but had to erase it cus I spelled some things wrong.... But I'm so excited to follow your blog! :) Best wishes

Marianne said...

Oh Rachel. My heart is melting! What a great beginning for a wonderful life together!! You guys are so DARLING!!!