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Friday, July 23, 2010

A preview of a day dressed in white

These are some of my favorite bridal pictures. Although getting dressed in the most amazing dress was fantastic, getting up at 5:30 was not. 

I did learn one thing, however, as I was getting ready, Elisabeth (who is amazing with make up) said my bottom eyelashes are basically deformed. No wonder I have a hard time keeping mascara on them. They are just really oddly placed in relation to my eye and lower eye lid. Go figure. 

These were done by the most amazing Haley Ann Warner at the Courthouse in Provo and down by the State Hospital down the road. This is an amazing door way right by the orchard there. 

So, this is a post about myself. Sorry if that seems a bit conceited. But aren't my flowers gorgeous? They were done by Ashley Nash. 

Hehe. Told you I had red hair. 

I was also ecstatic when Haley loved the idea of doing some with my flute. After all, it spends more time on my lips than David. 

We also decided to defy all tradition and superstition and had David come along. After all, we are getting married on Friday the 13th. (Witch laughter in the background.) I loved having his moral support. He does make me the most happy. 

My flowers are purple hydrangeas and lisianthus. 



Hilary said...

You are beautiful!

Marianne said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Really great photos, Rachel!

Annie said...

Rachel, you are beautiful!!!!

landbeck said...

I love the title of your blog and the fact that you are already creating FAMILY HISTORY! You are one of my heroes-seriously in love, doing the right thing, defying (stupid) traditions and being honest and a good example! Thank you, and best of everything!

Erin said...

Rachel! This is Erin, from flute class at BYU, in case you don't remember me : ) I found your blog from facebook! These pictures are gorgeous! I am so excited for you! And where did you get that lovely headband? I love it!