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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Atlanta

Being away from (immediate) family during Christmas time was rough--I won't lie, sugar coat, or give you a perfect picture--but prayers were answered and Christmas day was wonderful. David did a great time cheering me up and reminding me that the cloud over my heart was simply missing my family and all of their traditions. I realized a few things about myself: a) Traditions help me feel Christmasy. b) focusing on Christ is what it is all about, and by doing so my heart is lifted c) I want to GIVE more d) without traditional Christmas food or at least good food, my life is dismal and e) receiving packages and letters makes me as happy as a 4 year old on Christmas. Behold my Christmas card wall (fridge).

Aunt Barbara and Uncle Herald also helped kindle my Christmas spirit (although I doubt they knew it at the time). They are truly an amazing blessing to David and I. My life is changed because of them. They took us to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Fox Theater. For you Utah people--it is the equivalent of Capitol Theater. It was a funny musical and the Grinch did a great job both mimicking Jim Carry as well as using his own interpretations. The Fox is only 3 blocks away from our apartment.

They also took us to see The Forgotten Carols, which was great, by the way. Aunt Barbara also came to one of my performances which truly touched my soul! My parents never missed a performance, if they could help it. To me, that was a way they told me they loved me. Aunt Barbara doing the same made me feel so happy and grateful for her. Not only that, but she allowed me to make and bring two REQUIRED dishes I MUST eat (according to my unrealistic expectations...) during the holidays to Christmas dinner: Pecan pie and Sweet potatoes. See the next post. Our Christmas dinner was amazing. Prime rib cooked in a Green Egg? Yes please. 

David and I also went to see a movie (The Muppets) on Christmas Eve per tradition. It was down right hilarious. We haven't been to a movie theater since Last Christmas Eve when we saw Tangled with my family. It felt really special. Realization f) It feels like Christmas when you do things and eat things as a family that are not typical. 

For example, David gave me an early Christmas present of a block of Gruyere cheese! He knows I simply adore grilled cheese sandwiches made with Gruyere and so he surprised me one afternoon close to Christmas with a sandwich! He is definitely a good husband, girls. Do I hear a song in the background? The one sung in Enchanted..."That's how you know...he loves you!" 

I told him to take pictures

Decorations at my apartment felt a bit lack luster compared my memories of home. One, I know was because there was no place to put anything. Having a mantle is on my wish list. But I am slowly building my stockpile. :) 

On top of our tree is a cookie cutter. We didn't have anything else... I smile because my parents did the same thing except my dad made a card board star and covered it in tin foil on their first Christmas. It tops their tree to this day. :) 

And this year we got some more beautiful decorations by David's Mom and my Mom and Dad. 

I LOVE Willow Tree. Last year we got Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus and this year we received a shepherd and a sheep. 

On top of our mantle for many years has been Swedish Christmas Elves. I took mine when I got married and this year we have a new elf to welcome into the family. (The big guy on the left)

So, looking back, Christmas was wonderful this year. Christmas Day truly was Merry and Bright, made all the better because it fell on a Sunday. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Julie said...

You truly did sound happy on Christmas Day and that made ME happy. I loved this post and hearing about all you did and felt. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Harold are such a blessing. I'm SO very glad they are there.

Erica said...

I am glad you were taken care of this holiday season :). I LOVE how David got your cheese. That totally suits you. you LOVE to cook :)

Kellie said...

I didn't know you had a cookie cutter for a star! That is so cute and so you.