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Friday, May 18, 2012

My Dearest Sister Abby

Everyone needs a sister like Abby.
Photo from my mom

A few weeks ago she sent a package in the mail containing David's birthday present, my birthday gift, and four glitter-adorned cards.  (The order is a) envelope b) card c) inside)

Card #1: To David

Card #2: to both of us

Yeah, this one made me laugh for a really long time.  

Card #3: To me

Oh man. You have no idea how much I miss our hugs. If ever you are in need of a good bear hug that squeezes your sorrows and cares away, you must visit Abby.

Card #4 David's Birthday

Abby made this pillow in sewing. Didn't she pick an excellent pattern? 

Oh how I love my sister, Abby. Her personality is incredibly quirky and loveable. She is a born leader and is a friend to everyone. I look up to her in many, many ways! See these posts from my mom for more reasons Abby is amazing. Here. (Dear Rachel #9) Here (Nativity by Abby)  Here (Dear Rachel #1) Here (Vintage View-master) Here (Love Note) Here (Abby's Gift--If you only look at one, read THIS one) Here (Red Pepper Trend Setter)

If you have time, these posts are amazing. And funny--at least to me.


Julie said...

She's unique to be sure. :) I never got to read those cards before they were whisked away into the envelopes. Love her!!

Camclan said...

That's awesome to have a sister like that!

Erica said...

That is so cute. I am sure that those letters brightened your time while you are away from your fam :)

Bonnie said...

Little sisters are the best.