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Friday, May 4, 2012

Recent Goodwill Finds

Oh how I love Goodwill. I think I'm an addict. You would be too if you found brand new children's books that are 1) actually worth reading 2) well-known 3) hardback. Here are some of my recent finds. Have you read them?

Miss Rumphius has always been a favorite. Although it always bothered me that she never married and the only jobs she held was a librarian and school teacher. Traveling the world certainly is a bonus.

Peter Spier is one of my favorite illustrators. His books are simply pictures, no words.

The Jolly Postman is quite clever. You actually get a copy of each of the letters. They are very cute. I also found the Jolly Postman Christmas Letters.

Patricia Polacco is one of my favorite Children's author's/illustrators. This book in particular is very touching and makes me cry every time. It is about two boys from the Union Army in the Civil War who get separated from their army and get caught in Confederate territory alone.

Another Peter Spier. This is my second favorite Christmas book ever. It isn't Christmas without this book. His dipictions of the Christmas festivities are incredibly accurate, right down to the mounds of dirty dishes, the not pristine Christmas tree with homemade decorations, and too-small Christmas gifts.

This is my favorite Patricia Polacco cake. I was afraid of thunder when I was younger and this book helped me overcome it.

And to my surprise, it was even signed by the author herself. Talk about a bargain for only $1.50. :)


Julie said...

I am so so jealous! Hardbacks too! IF I find a good hardback children's book at D.I. they have it marked at $4.

Marianne said...

We just made Thunder Cake the other day!!! These are certainly precious finds.

Nicole Wendorff said...

You'll be so happy to have those books! :) Keep up the good work :)