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Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm sure most of you all have heard of the 5 love languages. I have realized that I have dabbled in just about every language and lately my love language is gifts. Gifts aren't necessarily things that are paid for; I equate gifts with surprises. I LOVE surprises--it means someone was thinking of me.

For example, recently I have received gifts from some of my youngest students. It just makes me smile! At least they think I'm a good teacher.

I'm loved!

I also love giving gifts. That is my excuse for shopping at goodwill so frequently. Most of the time I buy things for other people. Maybe that's why I have a stack of books, 2 boxes, and a suitcase full of gifts. I should stop. Yeah. Our apartment is rather small, afterall.

Food gifts is also something I love giving. When I was young, spry, and single, it was a very effective method of flirting. I got many a date out of this bread:

These are pre-frosted cupcakes I made for my dad a month ago when we met my family at the airport for a layover. Let's just say I knew how much he loved them by how many he ate. :)

One thing I miss about Provo was the proximity of our friends and fellow ward members. It was so easy to make something and give half of it away.

It takes more effort now, so I don't do it as often, unfortunately. Although, we had a member of our ward recently move into our apartment complex, so he has received some yummies recently: :)

These are melt-in-your-mouth-I ate-my-weight-in-pretzel-bites. Yeah. Pinterest was designed for me.


Julie said...

I'm not surprised your young students love you so. You are a gifted teacher of music.

Erica said...

Umm I'd love to get food gifts from you any time! LOL. That's sweet they tell you thanks. They must really love you ;)

landbeck said...

What is the process for "pre-frosting" the cupcakes? They look like regular cupcakes with a Lindor Truffle baked on top.