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Sunday, September 16, 2012

New calling

Hello folks. Well, it's official, I'm now 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency. Eeek! I was not expecting it in the least and to be honest I'm a bit sad about not being the music person in primary anymore. It is the MOST fun calling ever. Well, until they call someone else, I'll still do it, but still...

I AM excited about continuing to work with the kids. They are incredibly sweet. I know, I know, everyone says that and before being in Primary I wouldn't have known what they meant. Yeah, kids are cool, and they say funny things, but they are incredible people just beginning to plant the seeds of the gospel. Our primary has some special needs, like I am sure all primaries do. Many children do not come from rock solid backgrounds and they may not get all the spiritual nutrients they need. So I am excited to serve them in a different capacity.

For my farewell music time activity (sorry, no pictures) I filled 8 mason jars with a clear liquid--four were with straight up water, and four had vinegar diluted with some water. In front of each jar was a spoon containing a few drops of food coloring covered with baking soda. Whatever color the water turned into was the song we sang. If it turned fizzy we did something extra special with the song. (Note...I didn't always do something special with all the fizzy ones...) I don't think the kids noticed/cared. They simply loved the chemical reaction.

The night before I was experimenting with how much vinegar to water ratio to be sure the bubbles didn't overflow during primary. Good thing, too, because the first, second, and third time I tried a mess was created in the kitchen.

I think the kids loved it and it was a great way to review the songs for the program. They really know them and since our program isn't until November I think next week we'll learn the Latter-day Prophet song.

Any of you seasoned (or less seasoned) primary presidency veterans out there have any ideas for sharing time, PLEASE let me know. :) Shoot me an email if you need. Thanks!

And here is a random picture of fish I took during our Florida beach trip. Blogs with pictures are always more fun.

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Marianne said...

WOO!! How exciting, Rachel!! You're getting all kinds of wonderful opportunities for service and growth. I'm so proud of you!

That singing time/chemistry demo sounds very fun. I would like to be in your Primary!