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Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Root"-ing for my Husband

Hello! Yes, feel free to chastize my lack of posts for...a long time. Today the stars have aligned; today I have absolutely NO WHERE to be, the WHOLE lovely day. Granted I have (had...slowly crossing them off) 33 things that would like to be accomplished. But, you know... Eenie Meenie Miney Moe has dictated that "Write blog on gift for husband" was the next one.

I took an idea from pinterest and made it my own. (Otherwise known as "see cute idea, want to replicate...not remotely possible...) I love giving gifts and my dear husband adores root beer. We're the sort of people never to buy soda. The only time it is consumed is when someone else brings it to social gatherings.  The box on the right contained shirts I found at Plato's Closet that screamed "please buy me!" 

Yes, I wrote a "poem." Yes, I understand that a poem doesn't have to rhyme. Am I capable of writing a non-rhyming poem? I actually don't know... Are rhymes much cooler? Yes. 

However, it took me an hour. It wasn't supposed to take that long. I got the first two lines down easy. 

You know I'm with you, all the way through. 
Just know that I am "root"-ing for you.

Then I got stuck. I couldn't end it there. Lame. So I wanted to say why I was "root"-ing for him. 

School can be hard; I know what it's like.
Just think of Frodo and Sam's extremely long hike. 

This is where the trouble began. The previous lines didn't say a complete thought so I was left to write even more. I would write something I thought was clever, but then either nothing rhymed or nothing rhymed that fit. Finally:

They are both unpaved with unknowns ahead                         (yes, in the actual poem I misspelled          
And where the unknowns are best left unsaid.                           unpaved and put unpaid) Ugh. 

At this point it sounded almost creepy and all doom and gloom. And it STILL wasn't a complete thought. The next two lines were even more hard because I had to end it... All I knew was that fun and begun rhymed (more or less) and that my last line rocked (to me). But how in the world was I supposed to 1) get the correct number of syllables in a complete sentence that 2) actually made sense. Finally, after much ado:

The journey is long, except our's is for fun
Besides, our adventure has just begun!

I like romantic cheese. Don't you? 


Julie said...

I am always fascinated by your thinking process. Love you!

Erica said...

I love the poem; It is really cute!

Nicole Wendorff said...

Cute!!! :) I bet he loved it!