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Friday, September 6, 2013

Julie's Reception

Julie's reception was beautiful. Here are a few (or 27) pictures capturing the night.

Grandma and Grandpa Reece

I love this. Also, I'm quite proud of my fabric banners I think they turned out really nice. 

They had candle's on top of the porch railing.

People walked through the front doors...

...and immediately on your right was advice for the bride and groom.

And on the left a little ahead of the advice jar was their guest book, which was technically a picture frame where each guest signed their name on the mat. I thought it was an awesome idea. 

All of the frames were spray painted by Melanie. 

Ahead of that was a slide show of the couple. The sign says "watch as we grow."

Just ahead of the gift table was a door leading to the back porch where each guest could greet the bride and groom.

You know how the details make the wedding? They had a kids table but instead of normal paper and crayons, they had coloring pages of the happy couple. I didn't know this was possible!

Here are a few more pictures of the reception. It had been raining all afternoon but it stopped just in time for us to set up the flowers and bring out the food.

The after-party. 

All four dresses were handmade with love by none other than the mother of the bride herself. 


Julie said...

It all looks fabulous, and your banners added the perfect touch!

Julie Reece said...

I didn't see this back when you posted it. I love it all. Race and I talk all the time about how it was the perfect reception! Thank you so much for all you did and also for documenting and sharing it! You are great!<3