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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Reorganized Bedroom

A week or so ago David had the grand idea to reorganize our bedroom. He's been talking about it for a while, but I always had dismissed the idea because of the two bookcases in our room. I DID NOT want to move the books, let alone our desk and bed and dresser...

But it's amazing how reorganizing our bedroom made me feel refreshed and organized. I love our new layout much better than our old one. For our third anniversary this year David wanted to get me a chair. Yes, a place to call my own. His name is Arnold. Arnold the armchair.

This next picture shows that while I made an effort to make our bedroom clean, I got bored and didn't want to put a few things away... that and I didn't shut our closet so now you can see how many freakin' clothes I have.

I love how this corner of the room feels separated and cozy. It's my own little book nook.

And I have to show off my new big pillows. I've been eyeing them for over a year now and finally ikea had them in stock when we went to look at chairs.

And here is a very messy room but it shows our old layout. Our bed was up against the window with our two nightstands on the side.


Julie said...

SO much better arrangement, and I LOVE your chair. Tell me about that new striped pillow on it. You know how much I'm into throw pillows. :)

Jennilyn said...

I love the Jergens-same flavor my mom uses, same I use...and I can find it at my sister's homes. Comfy chair!