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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reception prep

The pictures below is a testament of our business. But I can't deny it--I certainly had fun. I think a small (very small) part of me misses the harried feeling of school.

By the time I got to Eagar, most of the food was already made and frozen; all that was left to do was dip and frost. 

There were also doors that needed to be set up and painted. Brother Sherrow (sp?) was awesome and helped out. In the a few posts you'll see how they were utilized.

Kimberly and Melanie helped glue and cut out the labels I had made. We watched Sherlock and I got them hooked. :)

And the dipping begins. We utilized EVERYONE who had two arms. The first to be dipped was the rice krispy treats.

Next were the pretzels which were dipped in both milk and white chocolate.

And I was finally able to meet the famous Guthman's! They are even more cool than the Reece's said they were.

Outside proved perfect for the dipped goods to dry. 

David being David. Love him. 

Sean and Layne are bagging the dried cake pops.

However, the milk chocolate dipped items did not dry nearly as quickly as the white chocolate. I blame myself for adding to much shortening. A day later they were finally dry enough not to get on your hands...oops.

Sneak peek for tomorrow's post: The beautiful bride.

PS, that dress was couldn't be any more beautiful. 

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Julie said...

It's fun to see what happened behind the scenes. One thing I know for sure is that wedding celebrations are a lot of work, but worth it too. :)