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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Julie's Reception Food

This summer was spent traveling to David's siblings' weddings. (Did I write that correctly?...) That's right, two of David's siblings got married over the summer and I haven't blogged about any of them. Let's start with Julie's wedding. She got married in the Snowflake, AZ temple July 20th, 2013. The reception was in Layne's newly renovated back yard.

Kimberly and I had lots of fun figuring out where all the food was going to go. I don't know about her, but I had a blast working with her to make Julie's reception as perfect and wonderful as possible. Incidentally, we have similar tastes and opinions which was great, not to mention convenient.

We planned it all out on Layne's counter but then went we went to transfer it to the table outside. It DID NOT fit; we had to use two tables which didn't look nearly as nice as what I envisioned. In the end we decided one of the church's table's would do quite nicely. 

The AW rootbeer served as our make-shift center piece.

Luckily, Layne's dining room table worked marvy-fab as a substitute. 

We're missing a few dishes on the left, in case you wondered about the space.

I took pictures so we could remember what serving ware went where (say that 10 times fast). 

The final product: 

I was quite proud of how the banners came out. It was my first sewing project since middle school, but they don't look too shabby. :)

I also made the labels for each food item. 

Homemade--thanks Brittany! 

Note the three flavors of cake pops: Vanilla, Lemon and Mint Chocolate. 

Naturally we had Japanese water (a Reece tradition) and plain ice water.

Yum! Finally able to sit! 

Here's a sneak peek of my next post: Food and reception prep. It was a whirlwind week. 


Julie said...

It all looks so great! What a creative gal you are. :)

Marianne said...

SO beautiful, Rachel! Good job!!