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Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Pajamas

David's mom is amazing--she sews. Granted, I think anyone who can sew is amazing, but she is amazing for other reasons too.

I think it is a pretty common tradition to give Christmas pajamas, and my Mother-in-law actually makes them.

I once made pajamas in my sewing class in middle school. It was hard--and they ended up looking weird. Way to baggy in the bum and way to tappered near the ankle. But I wore them with pride. I threw them away, otherwise I would show them off. :)

These are what she (I still don't know how to address her... eek) made this year. AND they have pockets! Woah. That's pretty hard core.

Take one: Didn't know where to stand. 

Take two: Good placement other than my underside. And it was a weird color....

Take 3 Wow, David is good looking. Yep.

Take 4: We're cute, but I demanded David smile :)

Take 5: Perfect

I was just going to show the last one, but I thought the progression was at least documentary. 


Jennilyn said...

Cute! I love photo stories! What to call your MIL? Have you asked her what she prefers? When I was dating her son, it was "Sister Landbeck." Now, when I am talking about her, she is Grandma Sandy. To her face, "Sandy." We had a talk within the first year of marriage and I admitted that "Mom" will always feel like my mommy. I told her I wanted to respect her wishes, and we settled on her first name as perfect. Before the children were born, we had a long talk about who is who--whole other subject. My favorite appellation is "Gee-ma" for gorgeous grandma. I hope to be one of those some day!

Rachel said...

I did talk to her! But nothing was finalized. Alas. I've thought about Milly (Mother In Law-Y) and Mama Layne. Bother. :)

Marianne said...

Those jammies are the perfect color for you guys! I love them, and the photo essay is pretty awesome, too!!

And here's something awesome that will happen as the years go by...the longer you know David's Mom, you may find that what you'll want to call her will just naturally emerge. I called Dennis's Mom by her first name for several years, but eventually, it just turned in to Mom. Because she was.