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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Plan: Saturday the 29th

I have been relegated to the bed. It is my new desk. I am trying to beat this cold once and for all. Alas. Wish me luck because this is all I HAVE to get done to day:

Research the history of the symphony and how it relates to the flute: 4 hours
Study for Orals: 2 hours
Practice: 3 hours
Go through 2 articles on William Byrd: 1.5 hours
Homework for Renaissance History Class: 1 hour

Wish me luck.

I can DO it!

I just crashed last night after going grocery shopping with my hubby. It was a killer week. Can I just say that? But it was filled with tender moments. Despite being awfully sick I was able to Rock my Dr. Johnson Renaissance history tests (2). I was feeling really happy at times, not just kinda happy! I woke up at 7:30, ready ready to work a bit after 8:00. My days ended going by quicker than anticipate. David is not sick.

I have hope that the my education career is drawing to its close. I will climb Mount Doom and Gondor will be saved. These were accomplished not by one man only; I will have help along the way. All is well. :)

Moral: God does not leave us alone in our most desperate hour.


Julie said...

Wait. Was this the test you thought you completely bombed?

Rachel said...

Yeah. :)

Amber said...

You can do it! You guys should take a vacation for President's Day. Oh and btw, I ran into David the other day before I was about to teach a ps100 lab. He stopped to chat with me, wished me luck on my recital, and was such a sweetie about it. I approve of your husband. End of story. :)

Andrew Smith said...

Wiliam Byrd. Recusant Catholic. Secret and illicit Masses. Go to for more information and to check out a Festival in May 2011 in the parish of Stondon Massey where the great composer lived.