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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday updates

#1 We're going to church at my parent's today, which means I actually have time to write an update before church. (NOTE--I finished it after church...) I'm playing in their sacrament meeting today via my dad's request because he hasn't been able to hear me lately because of TONS of traveling on his part. My mom is accompanying me. Side-note--I hope I can learn the piano well enough in my gobs of free time after I graduate so I can accompany MY children!

#2 I want to thank those of you who have expressed so much love and concern over my last emotional and dramatic post. That really touched me and helped me sort things out. BUT I have good news! I CAN graduate in APRIL, as long as I pass my Orals on WEDNESDAY. Gulp. I've been studying for them, but if I would have taken them when I thought I could, I would have had 2 extra weeks. I'm kinda scared. Sometimes I think I can tackle this huge (football) lineman, and other times I am engulfed in panic. So if I can solicit your help again, prayers on my behalf would be lovely. Life works out! I think God is trying to teach me to not freak out, even when it is worth freaking out about. In case you have no clue--orals is basically a huge verbal test where I am asked any sort of question about anything related to the flute, flute literature, flute repertoire, and general music history. I'm most scared about the general music history part. For example: Tell me everything you can about one of Mozart's operas. Please describe the history of the symphony. What does emfindsemkeit mean? Trace the development of the chansons and motets of Du Fay. Yes, I am scared.

#3 I am so busy. So so so sosososososo busy. I can not wait until I have no responsibilities whatsoever minus the typical church calling. Maybe I'll start cooking again. Or READ! Or maybe I'll do nothing and  catch up on sleep and learn what it feels like to not be anxious, stressed, or busy. I'm even looking forward to being busy WITHOUT school and practicing. CHOOSING to be busy. I wonder what that feels like.

#4 As you may know, David traveled to Pittsburgh last weekend to help determine what school we should like to go to. And low and behold, my instincts were right. We'll probably not end up there. He loved the campus and the surrounding area and some of the professors are doing awesome things, but he wasn't digging it. The professor he was hoping to work for ended up being--according to some of his graduate students--not such a great advisor. And David didn't get a good impression when he interviewed with him. So I guess we'll see. Even though we have heard back from all the schools, we are still playing the waiting game! He travels to Georgia Tech in two weeks. My intuition says we'll end up going there because it is the #2 biomedical school in the country. Side note--Johns Hopkins is #1, which we didn't get in to. Darn. I wanted to live on the East Coast. But Houston would be amazing because my aunt and uncle live there.  We'll see.

#5 I graduate (hopefully, i all goes to plan, in a month!!!) This deserves a bullet point all to itself.

#6 This upcoming Saturday is the Utah Flute Association festival. As part of the festival there is a sonata competition and I can't wait to play, because the song is Sonata Latino, the piece I have been working on FOREVER and played at my grad recital. There is also a concerto given by some of the BYU flute students on some of the unaccompanied flute literature. I'm playing a really cool piece by Fourrd. I have also been asked to give a short 5 or minute presentation on the history of unaccompanied flute literature.

#7 David's abstract got accepted to the National Biomedical Engineering conference! As my sister asked,   "wait, is it a REAL conference." Yes, indeed it is. Like the sort where non-students go. :) I'm so proud of him. Can a wife be proud of her husband? I think so.

And I think that is it. Some people write emails or blog posts apologizing for its length. Yes, this is probably on the long side, but I'm not apologizing. I figure if you love me enough (ok, maybe that's extreme) you'll want to be updated on David and my life.

And here is a picture because posts with pictures just make them more exciting. It's like a treasure at the end of the rainbow.

This shows David's inner-child. Wait, David is a child at heart. Seriously. He's going to make on amazing Father. 


Marianne said...

GREAT post, Rachel!! You KNOW I'll be praying for you on Wednesday. I also know you're going to be AWESOME!

I'm SO proud of you!!

Nicole Wendorff said...

I love your posts Rachel. And I'm so happy for you guys. Life really does have a way of working out for the best :) Good luck with your final!