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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The last stretch

Here we are folks. Four more days and I will be a free woman. The last few weeks haven't been easy, but I know I can do it. On the doors entering into the library there are always signings posting the hours for the weeks leading into finals week--it closes now at the obscene time of 2:00 AM. And usually they have something witty to say about being done. It is usually lighthearted and just fun--nothing of importance. This year as I walked into the library for the first time after they posted the new hours, I was blown away by the sign. It said: Keep Calm and Carry On.

No matter how cheesey is may sound that saying has been my motto. That is exactly what this semester has been about. Keep calm and carry on and YOU will make it to the finish line. We won't arrive without some bumps and bruises on our way. We'll be hot and sweaty. Maybe we pulled a muscle on the way. We don't have to arrive graceful and in perfect condition. All that matters is that we make it to the end.

That is what I have learned this semester. We work hard, we do our best, we help people along the race, and we'll all make it together. There will be times where we make mistakes, feel or be dumb, feel inadequate, or feel stressed. Or anything! If we keep calm and carry on we'll get through the race and come out better for it.

My last four days here are going to be stressful, busy, tiring, with a lot of worrying thrown in. But I have been told I will make it, and I have decided to trust those people and believe it. And so I will keep calm and carry on. I hope that I will be able to help other women keep calm and carry on. Well, you know what, I know I will be able to help others, and they will help me in return. Like I said in a previous post: We're all in this together, you and I.

And here is a picture of where David and I will be for the next 5 or so years. Guess where it is and I'll write a future post telling all about it!

It probably isn't too hard...


Sara said...

Georgia Tech? Somehow I never pictured it with so many trees!

Rachel said...

I know! I love trees. It will be great living with them again.

Marianne said...

HOORAY for the finish line!!! And I LOVE your motto. I will adopt it as my motto, too, if you don't mind!!

Anonymous said...

AHH!!!!!!!!!!! Georgia Tech??? NO way! CONGRATS! I want to hear more!