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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A compromise and a craving

On occasion I will crave foods. I fervently believe this is normal for many girls. And women. A week ago it was an incessant graving for 72% dark chocolate.  That soon gave way when I rummaged through my emergency candy stash and found not one trace of said chocolate. The craving transformed into a demand for a doughnut and I bemoaned my fate when said doughnut was not quite in our budget. My plight was sorry indeed. David was beside himself with concern. (At least I assumed so).

He felt it was his duty as a husband to alleviate said craving and tried to find something. Not even my beloved cinnamon toast would do. In desperation he looked through my candy stash and found, much to my surprise three dark chocolate kisses. Oh imagine my joy. I got up, off the floor and slowly savored the waxy, smashed, previously melted kisses. After that I was able to go to bed.

David on the other hand does not crave anything. Ever. He desires, but for some reason his emotions are not tied to food at any time. However, one of the things he loves to eat the best I despise without reservation: chocolate pudding. I will tolerate homemade pudding with real chocolate, cream, sugar and eggs. But the instant. Oh my gross. He claims he grew up on it.

I was digging through the cupboard for something and I came across a pudding mix package that David bought from his bachelor days. And I, the good wife that I am, decided to make him some and surprise him when he came home.

However, a previous craving got a hold of me and I gave in. The day before it was a popsicle that I could lick slowly, savoring each drop. Well, why not make pudding pops? And I did. Perhaps the comprise favored myself more than David, but I was proud of my ingenuity.

The results:

Once again my ingenuity showed when I was left without popsicle sticks or molds. That was quickly solved by switching the popsicle sticks for spoons and molds for paper cups. 

Look at my happy face. 


Julie said...

You are pretty awesome! Hmm. . . I wonder where you get those chocolate cravings?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Rachel--your post made me laugh! What a wonderful wife you are! Frugal, thoughtful (of both yourself & him), and fun! :)
Thanks for helping me feel not alone in the cravings for food department--why, oh why does my body not crave HEALTHIER foods!!! (Doritoes once a month, really? Or chocolate every day? Or shrimp and grits at Daddy Mim's?) ... *sigh* our dear, darling husbands!!! They don't understand, yet they love us despite our cravings! ... hey! It's not so bad for them, they do get yummy pudding pops out of it, right? (Elizabeth Latey)

Nicole Wendorff said...

Hmmm.... food cravings.... hmmm.... it makes me wonder Rachel... :) Is there perhaps something you are not sharing with us at the moment? ;)

Lara said...

Those look pretty good, even though I am not even a fan of chocolate at all (I know, I should turn in my girl card!). I think the heat makes anything popsicle-like pretty wonderful!

Marianne said...

You clever, clever girl. I think I'll go make some pudding pops, too!