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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A postponed Summer post

I just can't let the summer slip away without writing a post or two on our summer vacations, brought to us by our wonderful families. David and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in Hawaii with my family. One of our favorite activities was to walk along the shore. On either side of our resort was several miles of walkable beaches. Beyond the beach was private condos or a golf course, but the beaches were rarely trafficked. 

On an early morning one can see sea urchins, both alive (right) and dead (left). 

Or a sea Slug. Gross. They feel nasty. 


Or even a dead shark. I wasn't here for this particular adventure, but last time I was in Hawaii, Kellie and I found a Monk Seal!

And the most coveted find along this coast: Sea Glass


Another family adventure was to follow the beach the other direction. Here were a whole new set of discoveries.
World War II Bunker

A pine tree lined trail. 

Banyan Trees! Lost was filmed at this location. 

Our destination: Our own "private" beach. It was more fun to play here than at the Resort's. Here one could actually swim out and tread water. 

The whole family was able to join the fun! It was a landmark in our family's history. No one needed to hang onto Dad for moral and physical support. 

View of our Resort. 


Erica said...

I LOVE HAWAII! I miss it so much! I am glad you got that break. You totally deserve it. Oh and you are amazing because graduate school is a pain in the ...... neck. You did it though! I can't even believe how hard it will be but you are my inspiration ;)

Marianne said...

That looks simply wonderful!! Beautiful and relaxing and fun. I'm SO glad you got a chance to go!!