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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Sweet David

My David is so sweet. I couldn't ask for anything more. In fact, I told him, for our anniversary I would be content just getting donuts. No fancy dinner or gifts or anything. (See previous posts for reasons behind said request). But he surprised me on Saturday with a rose, chocolate, and a sweet note. They were on the dresser in the morning!

How did they get there? It seemed impossible that he could have left that morning and gotten them while I was still snoozing. I couldn't have been more surprised or happy. He has often given me roses, especially while we were dating he would randomly pluck a rose from his front yard and give it to me; usually when I was having a crummy day.

And Chocolate!!!!

If you read my post a week or so ago, you know I was in desperate straits for a piece of Dark Chocolate.  He really didn't have to do it. He shouldn't have, but he got me both dark and caramel and 86% dark chocolate. Oh bliss.

For our special treat we went to a specialty donut shop for breakfast. 
Honey glazed bow tie, raspberry filled heart, bacon and cheddar cheese (my choice), dulce de leche, bavarian Creme, and the most blissful: Real cut strawberries and cream filled donut. 

Yum. If you come visit us we'll take you here. :) 

Just as an incentive. 

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Betty said...

You do have a sweet husband.