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Saturday, October 8, 2011

beautiful homes in Midtown

One of my favorite things to do in Georgia is gawk at the beautiful homes. Not all of them are large, but they each have a certain charm and inspire one's imagination. David told me on one of our escapades that he wants to live in one of these houses. I'll specify down below. Personally, I think they are lovely, but I would prefer one with a yard. I might change my mind if we ever get the chance to buy one. ;)

I mean, the neighborhood where these are located are just a few streets over from BUSY streets and tall sky scrapers, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the houses and streets themselves.


Oh my gosh! Aren't these so charming! Notice the sky scraper in the background. These houses I might be persuaded to live in some day. :) But I'm sure they are...quite pricy...considering the location. 

I can not tell you how refreshing it is to see houses that aren't cookie cutter to the one next door. Western architecture is so not my thing. 

Stay tuned for more beautiful homes posts.


Julie said...

Sigh. These homes are what dreams are made of. I've always LOVED southern architecture.

Susan Mathews said...

I love them too. Come on out to the suburbs though for the good high schools! :) People in the city all pay for private schools. I love the hustle bustle of the urban life and walking down the street to the coffee shop and meeting up with your neighbors though!

Camclan said...

The homes out here ARE so gorgeous. Michael and I went up to Stone Mountain area....well an exit before that....beautiful homes out that way too!