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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Night Ritual

David laughed at me one Saturday night and said, "haha! You're just like your mom!" Anything- JULIE STOKER WOODFIELD-like is a compliment to me, but the circumstances under which he said it were a bit odd. 

I was vacuuming. You see, the sentence following was: "It's Saturday night. Almost time for bed. And you're vacuuming." I stopped what I was doing and laughed at the de ja vou-ness of it all. For you see, David finds my family funny. Yes, in the "That was a funny joke!" way but also in the "your family's crazy!" way. Oh, he loves them dearly, but he finds some habits down-right hilarious. 

Why? Because they vacuum too. On Saturday night. Every time we come over late Saturday night (for whatever reason) to my parent's house my Dad was right there vacuuming. For some reason it ALWAYS happened at the end of the day right before things settled down for the night. Never, during the middle of the day. Procrastination, perhaps?

I laughed at the hilariousness of it all. I suppose feeling compelled to vacuum at 9:00 at night on a Saturday is a good thing... 

I guess you could say habitual vacuuming is in our blood. My Grandpa Stoker was a very unique fellow, and we LOVED him for it and we miss him terribly. One thing we often joke about was his urgent need for cleanliness. As in vacuuming ever day. It's really quite funny.

My Grandpa, Travis, and Abby in 2005

My mom was also born with the cleanliness gene, but she soon realized that all good "things should be done in wisdom and in order" and that it was ok not to be quite so excessive. Prudence is a good thing. So  once a week is her motto. 

And mine too. I'm bursting with pride David likened me to my mom. :) I bid you farewell, for it is now time for my weekly Saturday night ritual.  


Julie said...

Um, well yes, it is 7:00 p.m. Saturday night and we do still need to vacuum before I can be "ready for Sunday." When I say, "we", I mean your dad, of course. It IS his unofficial Saturday job, and procrastination does seem to be the accurate word. :)

Nicole Wendorff said...

You might want to try bumping the vacuuming time up a few hours though once you have kids. :) Once Benji goes down we are quiet as can be to #1, enjoy the silence, and #2, let him fall asleep :) I'm glad you're happy Rachel!

landbeck said...

If you vacuum right before bed Saturday, then the house is clean on Sunday morning. That's not procrastination, it's strategy!