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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Walk to the Library

The library system in Atlanta is really different than Provo's. There are over 20 branches all over Fulton County, as opposed to one, central library. I suppose there are perks to each system, but I miss the Provo library. All the books are in one place and there is an atmosphere of learning, cleanliness, and friendliness.   I find it a tad annoying that if the book I want isn't at the Ponce de Leon library, for instance, I have to order it from another library. Not to mention that the children's section in the library is anything but a cozy nook. The library is also a hangout for those less fortionate...and homeless.

But a library is a library, and for that I am thankful. Before we discovered the library on Ponce de Leon (the one closest to us) we figured the central library in the heart of DOWNTOWN Atlanta was the one we would be going to. So we decided to take a little stroll downtown.

FACT: Downtown atlanta is different than Midtown (where we live). Both have really tall buildings...but downtown can be likened to the West side of Provo compared to Midtown which is akin to the Riverwoods. Ok, maybe not that dramatic.

Take a tour downtown with us!

I don't think we'll be eating here. It is about 2 blocks from us. 

David and I totally need to visit this. It is also 2 blocks from our apartment. 

The Civic Center. Also about 4 blocks from our apartment. 

The big buildings start...

So close to the freeway!

If I'm not mistaken, this is a home for Women and their children. 

This looks like a really snazzy place to grab a bite to eat! 

Art right outside the library. Oh, and by the way, it was a good thing we walked the 2 miles or so. Don't expect to find parking that is free. It doesn't exist. New concept. 

The sky bridge is SO far off the ground! At least 20 or more stories. 

A silo that stores grain?

A peak at some of the scary least it was scary-like to me. Broken windows are never a good sign. 


Julie said...

I love seeing posts like this with picture of the places you frequent and see. I wouldn't want to be caught on that sky bridge in an earthquake.

Nicole Wendorff said...

What an adventure you guys are having so far from home! You're brave Rachel. I'm trying to be more like that...