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Friday, January 13, 2012

Beautiful Homes in Sandy Springs

These homes are simply lovely. However, you probably won't find me living in most of them. They're fun to look at none the less. :)

The well-manicured lawn is simply stunning. 

Reminds me of a castle...

Pardon the quality, the angle, and the unfocused picture. This stunning home is on a busy road so I couldn't stop and take a picture. The most striking aspect of the home? Check out the sweeping steps. 

This is my dream home. Or one of them. I simply ADORE red brick with black shutters. 


Marianne said...

I'm sort of drooling. I'd be glad to live in any one of those lovely homes.

I make myself feel better about it by imagining their air conditining bills.

Julie said...

Wow! Beautiful homes. Those gorgeous green lawns are just calling to me. *sigh*

Sage Leung said...

These houses sure are a pleasure to look at! They look regal and majestic, standing in the middle of lush surroundings. If I live in one of these houses, I would surely feel like a royalty! :-) [Sage Leung]