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Friday, January 6, 2012

What I made with a whole bag of glue sticks

HEADBANDS!!!! (and hair pieces) I made 5 each for my sister and sister-in-law as well as several hair pieces for baby Reece Dillon and one for each of the girls in my primary class (4). It took a lot of time, but it was great to be doing something with my hands. And as I bonus I got several seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in.

The first 5 were for Abby. I promise they look better in person. Some like #3 look horrendous in my opinion, but I blame it on the camera angle.

These next 5 were for Melanie Reece.

Sorry for the blur!

These were for Reece Dillon. My mom made the crocheted flower in the middle.

And these next 4 were for my primary class. Sorry for the blurry picture! It is so hard to tell if it is blury with our camera.

Although this was a fun experiment, I am tired of wrapping fabric upon itself. I need another cheap crafty hobby. Ideas?  I know I'll keep making cards (see previous post), but any other ideas out there? I don't have a sewing machine, fyi.


Marianne said...

I bet your Primary class loved their pretty gifts!! I think they turned out great!!

If you're looking for something different, needlework is always fun and relaxing... You could cross-stitch or do needlepoint.

Julie said...

Abby loves loves loves all her headbands. She is set. They ALL turned out beautifully. You could open up a shop. :)

You know how I am into crocheting in the cold Winter months--easy repetitious patterns that don't require too much brain power. (It's an idea any way.)

Louie said...

It's Stephanie, your old basement neighbor by the way. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who still watches Sabrina The Teenage Witch! And your headbands are adorable!!!!!

Erica said...

Rach!!!!! THOSE ARE GORGEOUS. You could always do wreaths. Find some cheap wreaths at the thrift store and re-do.

Jennilyn said...

I've seen old book roses, similar to your technique, but use pages of books.

Nicole Wendorff said...

Wow wow wow!!! So super cute rachel :-) nice work!