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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Economical vs. Expensive version

The decision of buying an economical vs. expensive version of a product is something we all struggle with. Or is that just me? Especially when every dollar counts. I thought it would be interesting to share what I spend a few more dollars on and purchase the more expensive version. And by that token, this is an indication of what I value and can't live without.

Black peppercorns. If I had a few more dollars I would get different varieties! But for now, freshly ground black pepper is a MUST in my food, at least in my house. If I'm over at yours it doesn't matter. :) This stuff makes all the difference in the world.
I got to have my clinique foundation. It matches my skin tone perfectly. In fact, this is the version I use. Although, I am looking for another brand or type because my skin has changed... 

Pardon this horrible picture, but Pure Almond extract helps sooth my soul. No almond flavoring for me.  Notice, however, that I am content to buy Kroger brand instead of McCormick. As long as it is pure. That being said, I am perfectly content to buy Mapline instead of pure maple extract.

We bought these knives when we first got married. Being an aspiring chef while knowing that whatever knives we bought would probably be the ones we used for the next 20 or so years, I decided to splurge and buy Heckles. Totally worth it. And it's great that we can sharpen them ourselves. Less frustration in the kitchen equals a happy wife. 

Along with knives, I decided that nice, heavy pans with a copper core and thick aluminum bottom were the ones for me. I plan on having these for...ever. They are wonderful. Plus we purchased them at Costco which lowered the cost significantly. It's just a joy knowing your pans won't warp. 

I REFUSE to buy margarine. I will buy butter even though it is literally 3-4 times more expensive. PS, in Atlanta it is least expensive at Aldi--cheaper even than Costco! Oh, and if you are a margarine sort of person and I eat at your home...I don't mind. :)

And last, but not least, is my beloved pure vanilla extract. It makes such a difference in the flavor the food and I really like the Costco brand. This 16 oz container cost $6. Even if I buy the more expensive version, I love a steal! 

As you can see, I obviously value good cooking utensils. What do you value and spend money on? I'm really interested to know! 


Marianne said...

Mary Kay Face Wash
MAC foundation
Good haircut
Real butter

And I'm learning good shoes are essential at my age!! ;-)

Jennilyn said...

Always REAL butter, yes! Same vanilla brand from Costco (thanks to my sister, Luanna!), same about real almond, SAME KNIVES-love them! Umm, toilet paper splurge: aloe sensitive Charmin, the best. Infusim leave-in-hair conditioner. POM juice. I can be thrifty on everything else...

Julie said...

You know I am the SAME on every one of these things except the knives because we just switched to Cutco. :)

I would have to add Jergens lotion to the lot and I agree with Marianne that a good haircut and color is a must and good shoes--love Born for comfort.

Hmm, what else? You've give me something to think about, Rachel.

Erica said...

I used to use Clinique or Mac for foundation because I wanted great coverage. But someone fInally convinced me to try tinted moisturizer. I was very hesitant because I wanted to have a "perfect" face. I got courage and I have been using tinted moisturizer for the last few years. I started out using Laura Mercier but then switched to Mary Kay tinted moisturizer; it works great for my skin. My skin has cleared up significantly (not that I had a lot before). Find what works for your skin because everyone is different.

Almond flavoring- AmAziNg!!!!!! Can't live without
Butter- I will never use margarine ever ever ever!

Erica said...

I may post about my splurges :)

Nicole Wendorff said...

Hmmm.... we slurge more often then we probably should because my husband is all about quality. Well at least i`m going to blame him;) we splurge on our beef, body wash, toilet paper, jeans, laundry detergents, diapers, bed sheets, technology, ... so ya. I think we think that we're more comfortable then we should. Make sense?

Suzy said...

haha I guess you know you're poor when you can't think of anything you splurge on!! None of the above mentioned items, that's for sure...

I've got it. A box of Reese's Puffs every 6-12 months. (I figured it's an appropriate contribution to the discussion, considering your blog title.)