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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Williams Sonoma Cookbooks

I absolutely LOVE thrifting. There is something magical about finding something discounted 80 percent or more for brand new. And the Goodwills around Georgia are amazing. DI doesn't even compare with the quality of quantity of the items they sell. 

One thing I'm always on the lookout for are Williams Sonoma Cookbooks as part of a series. I believe this particular series is out of print. 

Yes, the picture is crooked. Made so for easier reading.

I love so many things about this series. The pictures are phenomenal and beautiful. There is a wide selection of recipes, but too many that you feel overwhelmed. And I love how they are organized into genres. The one downside I see is that many of the recipes do not work on a graduate student budget. Meat (other than hamburger and chicken and Parmesan Cheese are sorely missed. 

Favorite Coffee cake EVER is in this book

They've included a few classics, but most are cookies with a modern twist. 

Some of my absolute favorite dishes come from the Grilling Cookbook. 

Downside to this cookbook is that there is a large section devoted to fish I will never eat. 

LOVE this cookbook. So many wonderful, yet different recipes. 

Expensive ingredients here...can't wait until after grad school. :) Or coming home for the holidays. 

This cookbook is actually very accessible and inexpensive...granted we're talking about the potato. 

Do you shop at thrift stores? What are you always on the lookout for? I'm really interested to know!


Amber said...

This post left me bouncing in my seat. I want I want I want! I knew blogging was a dangerous hobby. Blogging and pinterest. I don't thrift but I think you have me converted! Good luck collecting the series! Let me know which recipes work for you!

Jennilyn said...

I used to collect rolling pins from thrift stores, until that got to be too big of a collection. It is easy to spend $1 here and there, but if the collection takes over, you have to edit or STOP!

I always hunt for old Fisher Price toys, the good old sturdy ones. And silk fabrics. Whole cloth white on white quilts (so I can alter/paint on them), cool buttons-especially on hideous clothes nobody wants to buy but the buttons are worth the $2-3 bucks to salvage them. I have a weakness for interesting fabrics, even if it is from a pair of boxer shorts...I confidentally throw everything in the washer when I get home and it doesn't matter where the item came from!

This week I found a hideously painted ceramic rabbit, that is now primed and painted a nice bronze.

If you can see the potential in something as an art project, you can use thrift stores as a great creative resource for materials!

I have a friend who goes straight for the children's books in thrift stores--last time we shopped together she found a book for $1.50 that was selling for $75 on ebay. If you know your stuff, you can find amazing deals.

Erica said...

oh my laws! THOSE ARE AMAZING! I will have to try Goodwill in Georgia! I haven't had any luck at some that I've been to (out-of-state of course ;) ), but I usually find great finds at the places that I regularly thrift at. So I will definitely not scratch them off my list just yet since I don't regularly go there.

Layne said...

My favorite thing to look for in thrift stores is vintage patterns. Usually 1960's and older. Yes, I love patterns. I just never know when I am going to be asked to make something in an older style. Actually, it doesn't happen that often but I should be prepared, right?

Megan said...

I love cookbooks divided into genres...nice thrifting!

Rhona said...

I have been hunting for a good coffee cake recipe here in the UK (I presume we're talking coffee cake like you get in Starbucks in the US. Not coffee flavoured cake?) Just checked but Amazon don't have the books - any chance you could share the coffee cake recipe? x