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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Valentine's day in Georgia

We unintentionally spread out Valentine's day over the whole week. However, I succumb to the belief that valentine's day is only an opportunity to show one's love for one another, and definitely NOT a once a year occurrence.

David gave me a single long-stem rose on Tuesday. He certainly knows how to make me happy.

By long-stem...I mean LONG-stem.

I cut it down to size. :)

On the 14th David surprised me with these: 

Quick backstory: I recently received an antique green brooch but lost it (it got thrown in the trash accidentally and by the time I realized what I did it was a month and a half later.) I was beyond devastated. 

It was SO thoughtful, and I LOVE them.

He couldn't decide between the two so he got both. :)


On Valentine's day itself I suprised David with his requested pink frosted sugar cookies. His mom used to make the cookies, hide them, and send him and his siblings on a scavenger hunt to find them. 

Alas, I didn't finish all the cookies on time, but I did send him on a scavenger hunt for his other gift. 

Note, that it is not my camera that seems to have distorted the frosting color, it is my mad food coloring skills. Actually, it's not completely my fault...the red food coloring lid was on the yellow dye. So instead of starting with pristine white frosting, I started with yellow, hence the salmon colored frosting. 

His other gift was also "homemade." 

The idea was inspired by one on pinterest (naturally). David LOVES going out to eat, but I tend to drag my heels a bit. "It's so much money." So I gave him a bunch of tickets each with the name and basic information of the restaurant. The idea is that he can use these tickets at ANYTIME without my complaint or hesitancy.

I used information found online to narrow down my list to around 40. Most are rated quite high.

The gift also prevents the "where do you want to go? I don't know, where do you want to go?" syndrome.

Not all of the restaurants serve lunch and dinner. About a 6th of them are bakeries, breakfast, or dessert places.

Yum! And, yes, King of Pops only sells gourmet popsicles. 

On Friday we went to the temple and then out to eat afterwards. It was a lovely day--simple and perfect. 

(And ignore the incorrect spelling on the picture. I can not spell to save my life. I was one of those people who was forced to use another word in place of one I could not spell during essay tests. I learned it was better to use a simple word than to be marked down for incorrect spelling, especially if said word when I tried to write it down, looked nothing like the actual spelling.)


Julie said...

I love that you have documented your Valentine's celebration, and I WANT/NEED those sugar cookies--even with the salmon-colored frosting. :)

Camclan said...

Love your Valentine Celebrations! It gave me a good idea for Michael's b-day coming up. I love the week long celebration reminds me to surprise my hubby more often to show my love and appreciation. You are a very thoughtful person!