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Friday, October 29, 2010

One of those weeks

Don't get me wrong. This week was fine. Nothing terrible happened. Nothing made me cry too hard. And nothing I couldn't handle (although at the time I thought so...)

But. I'm exhausted. And the week isn't over. I have a few minutes before I have to leave to play at the Wind Symphony Concert. I'll be happy once Sunday hits..too bad Sunday is just one day.

It was one of those weeks where all my body was craving was sweet, fatty goodness. Let's see. Today I had 3 Reeses cups, 1 subway cookie (all nice and soft. and gooey. and satisfying.) and 2 "fun" size 100 Grand. Yesterday I had creamery Ice cream (pralines and carmel with a cone on top. I never get the cone. But I needed to splurge. Not to mention there was more caramel then ice cream. Ask David if you don't believe me. It was delicious.)

Who knows what I will eat tomorrow.

But I tell myself it is alright. I need it. Literally. I'm not getting any fatter...I far... Sometimes it is the only thing that will get me through. And I think that is ok. We can go too far, like having these sort of cravings everyday for a week. But considering my week and the amount of sleep I have been getting, it is worth it. I will sacrifice a few extra (hundred) calories for the sake of my sanity and my soul.

Rehearsals until 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 at night, a concert, a competition where you have to be in Ogden at 8:45 in the morning, will get to you. Not to mention everything else.  Maybe not everyone. But I'm tired.

But I think that's ok. It is amazing how prayers will sustain you.

And I will keep going to matter how crazy life gets, because I guess it is the crazy things that makes life worth living.

A rose David gave me while we were engaged. 


Erica said...

I don't really have any answers for you because I need to find some for myself. Maybe you having some medical issues wrong??! You seem really tired. Do you get 8 hours of sleep?? If you do and you are still tired, I would set up an appointment with the dr. I get tired even if I get 10hrs of sleep. Good Luck. Life is tough. I hope after you graduate grad school you will free yourself and enjoy life. XOXO

Erica said...

wow lol should have read through (I told you I have issues lol). Maybe you something else wrong with you and it makes you tired. It is something to consider.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stopped by your blog ! I have those weeks too and I LOVE comfort food (snacks) !!!
I'm your newest follower and will be stopping by often :)

Rachel said...

Thanks! You're really sweet!

Marianne said...

Oh Rachel. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I remember when I was finishing school, and I was just exhausted. I couldn't make myself do ANYTHING except the things that absolutely HAD to be done, and I consumed a lot of donuts. A LOT of donuts. But this time will pass and things will get better. I promise. Things WILL get better.

Hang in there!!!

Call me if you need some face time and a hug!

Rachel said...

Will do! Life is fine... it's just funny how you can get through it better with a sweet or two! :)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hope you are having a great week.

I think your Mom is neat, I really like her blog.