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Sunday, October 17, 2010

year and a half old cookies... sort of.

Perhaps I am sentimental, but exactly a year and a half ago today David and I made snickerdoodles for his birthday. It was ours second date (a month and half after our second) and we made snickerdoodles for a Sunday afternoon activity. I barely considered it a date, but David did, so I'll take it. Little did I know it was his birthday and so I was quite surprised by the balloons on his door decorated by his sister.  It does not need to be said that I thought a birthday date was strange, but I was flattered.

He also jumped higher on my boy interest list by 1) making snickerdoodles instead of boring chocolate chip 2) baking his cookies so they are just slightly under done and 3) his recipe was amazing and equaled my own.

2 Days ago we made snickerdoodles for a baby shower and we waxed sentimental. Here are a few pictures that documented the epic event.

The handsome man hard at work. Notice his apron. I find it very attractive. Also, if you want to know a secret, David did all the work this time. I had a boat load of homework that I did at his feet.

The beatufiul cookies right before we took them out. Notice how puffed and gooey they are. Long gone are the crispy, mournful cookies of the grocery store.

With the last dregs of dough David waxed experimental.

Don't they look cool?

Huh. But the final product was pretty similar. The one on the left was the square and the right the circle with the divot. I wonder what other shapes we could make.

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Julie said...

I love seeing the engineer experimenting away in the kitchen!