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Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Food: Broccoli soup

Who knew Broccoli soup would be so fast and so good? Basically this recipe consisted of butter, broccoli, 1 cup of chicken broth (or water and bouillon) and onion boiled together until the broccoli is tender. And of course salt and pepper. It's then wizzed together with an emersion blender.

It was so simple! If you don't have a cool blender like this: ask for one from dear old Santa.

Or you could put it in a blender, but make sure you fill the blender only half way with the hot soup because the soup expands and is VERY hot. Just trust me with this one.

It ends up looking like this:

Doesn't it look cool? I'm totally making this for Saint Patrick's day. Personally I think kid's would eat this if only because it was green and looked awesome.

I thought it needed a bit more depth of flavor, but David adored it. What I would add next time: bacon crispified and added at the end, one potato for smoothness, and a touch of cream for creaminess.

But it was good as is! Try it! Let me know if you want the EXACT recipe...


Erica said...

wow! That looks great!!! MM GOOD. You should put all your recipes on here :) you always have good ones. Oh and I love the presentation :)

Marianne said...

Yes, please!!

Jennilyn said...

Exact recipes would be great! I keep adding pages to Gma Carlson's blue book as younger cooks teach me new things. Your soup looks perfect, but Landbecks here would add cheese, grated on top. We almost always have two bowls on the table for dinner, one with mozzerella and one with cheddar. Added to salads, or whatever main dish. I like that your sweetie cooks. So does mine, and it is wonderful.