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Monday, October 4, 2010

Real Dreams

Hello devoted readers:

I really do appreciate you stopping by. Maybe it is sad, but I think all of us love feeling validated by a little comment or being a "follower." On second thought, it's not sad at all, just human nature. That being said, you lucky folks get a preview of my favorite pictures from our wedding reception.

My reception was everything I could ever have hoped for. It was in my backyard which lent an amazing casual and homey feel. And that is what a wedding should be, right? It is all about families and friends. The food was great, the music was fantastic, and everyone stayed and talked to each other. And there was literally not a cloud in the sky the entire day. I have never felt so blessed, so happy, nor so loved. It was incredible. I feel so blessed to have married David. God really does love us. I promise. :)


Bonnie said...

Rachel, I love all these pictures! Gorgeous! And I especially love the dress you're wearing in the last photo! Oooh la la!

Marianne said...

OK, here's a comment because I know they're important, and also, because I love you!

Your reception pictures are lovely. I'm so glad you had a perfect day!!

Rachel said...

Haha. Sheesh. I hope no one feels obligated to comment. :)

And I love you and think you are fantastic too.

Laura said...

Okay, I admit I've been lurking on here (sounds better than stalking, right!) Beautiful pictures, adorable couple and it goes with out saying, your momma is pretty special, too!