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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Mom: Atlanta Fall

My mom will often write me Dear Rachel blog posts, and it's only fair I do the same. :)

Mom, Fall here is gorgeous. I love it. A couple of weeks ago I thought Georgia's Autumn was boring, colorless, and not worth any pictures. Boy, was I wrong. I told you about going to Piedmont Park to cheer up my soul. Only completing one of my six planned errands did not exactly make me feel productive. Walking around the beautiful tree-laden park uplifted and cheered me up. I'm trying to do what Dad suggested: "If you find you can't meet your expectations for the day, simply change your expectations! That way at the end of the day you're never disappointed." The advice may not be good for some, but it works for me!

It's so pretty! You've got:


More red



And still lots of green. 
I am also pleasantly surprised to see so many flowers! In the middle of November!

(Sorry it's blurry...)

Our burning bushes aren't as brilliantly red as yours. Must be warmer here? 

I wish you were here to show you the beautiful weather and nature. 

And here's me! One of my favorite parts of Piedmont park is the porch swings dotting the edge of the lake. 


Diana C. said...

I love the fall! These pictures are beautiful. I'm sad I'm missing all those beautiful pictures. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you when I get back to atlanta!

Julie said...

Oooh, it IS beautiful. Thanks for the pictures! I love that park--how lucky to have it so close.

Camclan said...

Great pics! Love them!

Erica said...

I love those cute letters between you and your mom. you look amazing and I LOVE how colorful it is there.