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Friday, November 11, 2011

Good friends

Life in Atlanta has been good to me. I have made some amazing friends that already have changed my life. Moving to Atlanta I wasn't sure what sort of friend-adventures awaited me. Would I make friends? Who would they be? One fantastic friend, who also happens to me my Aunt and her husband took David and I to The Hearth, a fantastic pizza joint on Roswell Rd just off of 285. 

The last weekend in October my dad spent a few days with us and we took him there.  

The 2.5 days he was here were some of the happiest of my entire life! (And no...I don't think I'm exaggerating...) I loved showing him our new home and life. But it felt so weird! My dad was visiting US, and not us visiting HIM! 

(If we're taking pictures, we might as well take a picture of the two of us). 

Here are two more amazing friends we've made along our way. They moved here about the same time we did and Daniel Tanner was actually in a few of David's classes. I blogged about Jennifer here. :) It is kind of funny to find a more outwardly affectionate couple than David and I. :) Or maybe we just realized what we look like. (LOVE YOU TWO!) 

This picture and the one above it was taken at the Halloween festival put on by our ward's primary. I was in charge of pumpkin painting, as in make sure the kids don't ruin their costumes and mix the paint.  It wasn't the ideal way to spend 4 hours with my dad, but it worked I suppose. If anything it truely showed him what our ward is like and allowed him to make comparisons between the Atlanta and the Berkeley ward. What's more, one of Dad's former students is in our ward. Small world. He is currently studying at Gerogia Tech. And what is even more funny is the circumstances upon which they recognized each other. Apparently his wife wrote my dad a note several years ago while her husband was in his Chem 111 class complaining that he gave too much homework. hehe. I have always thought she was a strong, stalwart, pioneer-type woman. Now I have proof. :)

These two adorable kidos are the the children of another friend, Liz Parrish. I watch them on Friday mornings. Gabe is such a ham!

And this is one of the girls I visit and my companion, respectfully. I love them! I learn so much from them. We went out to Willy's for dinner for Diane's birthday. Yum! But I must say, Cafe rio's pork is better. :) 


Camclan said...

You are very photogenic Rachel! Love the pic of of you and David!

Erica said...

I miss you. ahh... I could cry thinking about not appreciating time spent with good friends. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You rock. I am SO glad you have made friends. I hope you enjoy yourself and really relax. You deserve it.

Julie said...

This does my mother heart good. :) Love the picture of you and your Dad. I may just have to steal it.