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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I never met David's Dad. He died when David was 10. He died 14 years ago, today. I wish I could have known him, seen how he interacts with his wife and children, and learned from him. I am told he was a great father and husband. :)

How wonderful is it to know that families are eternal! That not only will I have the opportunity to get to know David's dad and learn from him, but that Mama-Layne will be reunited with her sweetheart FOREVER. Families are linked through the blessings of the temple.

Here is a picture of David and his Dad the day that David got baptized.

Last Christmas break David and I spent some time with his family in Colorado where David went to high school. I wanted to visit his Dad's grave. Here are some pictures from that trip.

Even though David was young when his Father died, he has great memories of him. He will often reminisce about the times where they would work outside together and go on Father and son camp outs.  He had a beat up bright blue Toyota truck and he would often take the kids, who sat in the back, on a fast and bumpy ride to an old cemetery. He also taught him how to shoot a gun and ride a horse. And going to Home-depot was a treat. 
David finds it hilarious, so I'll mention it, but Sterling died while playing Church basketball.
I find it unbelievably sad. 

(It was unbelievably cold, hence the face...)

This is the house David grew up in. 

I am so thankful for David's dad, because with out him, I wouldn't have this amazing person has an eternal companion. 


Julie said...

What a great tribute to your father-in-law, Rachel. And, that picture of you and David has to be one of my favorites. :)

Anonymous said...

So great!

Marianne said...

That's a great post, Rachel. I'm sure he's looking forward to getting to know you, too!