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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I used to make lists of all the food I wanted to eat at Thanksgiving. Even at age 8 I loved planning and preparing for the big day. They usually got rather ridiculous such as including rice, corn, turkey AND ham, and FOUR different flavors of ice cream. I LOVE planning and making lists. It just feels so cozy! I can't wait to host Thanksgiving dinner sometime. No wonder I love hosting parties! Cooking as a family in the kitchen is probably my favorite part about Thanksgiving. 

It was my first year without my family for Thanksgiving. (I take that back, I went to Pearl Harbor with my HS band during Thanksgiving in 2001.) Knowing me and my desire for comfort food and tradition I mentally prepared myself for change. I knew this Thanksgiving was going to be different than the past 23, and I hoped I wouldn't leave  feeling a tad sad. Yes, some Woodfield traditions did not happen (there was no pecan pie!), but others I really liked, like the over the top turkey, having Martinelli's instead of water (why don't we do that, mom?), and non-traditional pie. Thanksgiving in Atlanta turned out great. Thank you to the Carlson's for inviting us over! (They are my Great Aunt and Uncle...but they are only a few years older than my parents.) My contribution to the meal was pumpkin chiffon pie and spiced cranberry sauce.

The table. 

I LOVE how they bought a pre-brined turkey from a butcher. Totally worth it. That turkey was so yummy, moist, and flavorful. 

I'm a white meat kind of gal. We also had: 

Ever wondered what to do with the left over stuffing that didn't fit in the bird? Aunt Barbara cooked four turkey thighs on top of the left over stuffing so it would taste like it had been cooking in the turkey for hours! Brilliant. 

Cornbread stuffing

More stuffing and green beans

Crookneck squash casserole. 

7-up salad

Sweet potatoes baked in orange juice

Orange rolls. So yummy!

Mashed potatoes. These may look plain, but in fact there is butter, cream, sour cream, and ginger in it. I'm totally adding ginger to my mashed potatoes from no on. 

And of course the homemade spiced cranberry sauce and gravy. 

For dessert we had cherry berry pie, pumpkin chiffon pie, and key lime pie. Their cherry berry pie was really great and lived up the hype. Don't forget the ice cream and whip cream!

Oh, and it was a niece's and grandpa's birthday, hers on Thanksgiving and his two days before so we had the traditional ice cream cake in addition to the pies. They didn't have any candles so they improvised. I'm a fan. :)

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


Jennilyn said...

An Uncle H/Aunt B meal! Wow! Looks amazing! Loving the pictures! And descriptions, and yes, I need to try ginger potatoes?! We've been brining turkeys for a few years, love how much better they are. Somehow we completely forgot the cranberry sauce this year--and we were at my sister Lu's in CRANBERRY, PA!

Marianne said...

That looks incredible! Sounds like a really nice Thanksgiving!!

Diana C. said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy our Carlson/Clarke family traditions. I'm sad I wasn't there to join you. All those pictures are so mouth watering!