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Friday, February 17, 2012

Primary Choristing

Hello all! Well, it's been predicted by my family for ages and it finally happened. I got called to be the primary chorister in our ward. I'm having a lot of fun preparing games for the kids, but boy is it time consuming! I am so thankful for David for helping me out.

My first Sunday we learned Choose the Right with a punching board inspired by these two blogs: here and here. It was such a hit! We had just enough time to punch through all of the circles. Inside the bags were instructions on what we would sing and how we would sing it. It included sing with the melody board (see below), choose your favorite song, sing do as I'm doing, sing like chipmunks, ect.

David so graciously helped me make it. 

I used foam board for the base and a regular poster board for the tissue paper. We decided to have two boards so we could play the game next month. 

Using his razor blade

Gaping holes. 

The back. 

I thought Camille @ Singing in Primary posted a wonderful idea for learning the melody. 

Instead of As a Child of God I did Choose the Right. I'm planning on making charts for As a Child of God this week. 

 Follow along with the dots! Choose the Right, when a choice is placed before you, in the right, the Holy Spirit Guides.
And its light, is forever shining o're you, when in the right your heart confides. 

Choose the Right! Choose the Right. Let wisdom mark the way before. 

In its light, choose the right, and God will bless you ever more. 

I wasn't quite sure how to notate the 16th notes so I just did a mountain. It made sense to me! 

I also made for the first week a flannel board, (ok, ok...David made that one too...) But I colored and glued sand paper on the back! 

Last Sunday we made a valentine for the missionaries (The kids picked who they wanted to give it to. The first little kid (7) said he wanted to give it to Jesus. Love it.) On the back of most of the hearts was directions on how to sing Choose the Right or As a Child of God. We actually spent the entire time learning Choose the Right again because they didn't know it. We had fun though. At one point I completely changed my lesson plan and them say/sing the next word/phrase from what I sung. In other words I would sing: "Choose the Right, Choose the Right, let wisdom mark the...[they would sing] way before. It worked. Next week are doing Jeopardy! 


Nicole Wendorff said...

awesome job Rachel!!! :) You're perfect for the job :)

Julie said...

I do think you are a natural at this. I'm glad you are sharing everything you have done here.

Marianne said...

WOW. I want to be in your Primary!!

VirtualM said...

so this is why frankie all of a sudden knows the songs! :) he has a great teacher!

Dolly said...

Thanks so much for the idea!!