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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day in Atlanta

We kept things pretty simple here and that's how I like it. David bought me a ladle, something we desperately needed since we got married. It was the perfect gift. Love him.

I went the homemade route and made him two things I found on Pinterest. One was comical and the other a bit more serious.

David says this to me all the time. He got a kick out of it. :)

And you know the 52 reasons I love you that has been floating around Pinterest for a while? Well, I did my own version with a deck of cards David got in Germany while on his mission. Unfortunately It's missing a few cards. There are only 49 cards, but I decided to double up on some of them. 

I didn't have any of those nifty ring binders so I improvised and used ribbon. It is not quite as stable, but it works. Oh, and for the record, punching the holes in the cards was a tedious process.

Queen of Spades

A Jack of Clubs

My Personal favorite. :)

Pardon the blurry. My camera is stinky. 


Diana C. said...

That's so cute! I love your v-day gifts. we should get together sometime soon!

Julie said...

Those cards are VERY cool. Clever girl, you!

Nicole Wendorff said...

Cute cute cute gift ideas! :) I bet David loved them. What's the scoop on his new glasses?

Marianne said...

I love both of those!! You are so clever and creative. I admire you for that!!