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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More beautiful homes in Sandy Springs

A student canceled on me a couple weeks ago the day of the lesson and unfortunately I taught a lesson before and a lesson after her so was left was nothing to do for several hours. To help pass the time I took a tour of a Sandy Springs Neighborhood and was smitten with the houses. Several of the homes aren't overly large, but they are incredibly charming. I think you'll be able to tell what styles are my favorite. :)

Don't you just adore the round turret? I claim the room at the top as my personal get away. 

Double porch? Yes, please. 

This style of home has always been my favorite. It started being my favorite around age 8. 

Once again, a favorite. I love dark brick with black shutters! And the gables at the top are to die for. 

Did I show this house before? It's ridiculous: huge, yellow, ornate, with naked statues out front on a very busy road. 


I really like this one because it's painted blue, but still quite charming and classic. 

I don't care for stucco, but this house is pretty none-the-less. 

I took this shot from the side. Can you say wow? That's a deceptively big house. 


Julie said...

Ever since I was little I wanted a turret room of my own!

Also, I suspect your favorite house style was influenced a bit by us living in Virginia when you turned 8. Yes? :)

Marianne said...

What a lovely, lovely neighborhood!! I want a turret room, too. Doesn't everyone? With windows, like, all the way around???

I love these pictures, and I love these houses, and of course, I love you!!

Erica said...

oh my !!!! I LOVE all those houses. I will be living in a house that has as much character as those. xoxo

Nicole Wendorff said...

wow!!! First thought I had was plantation perhaps?

Jennilyn said...

You are a drive by "shooter!" The good kind! I love driving by homes as the sun sets and people are turning on lights but not yet closing curtains--just to see the paint choices, decorating ideas. Voyeristic of me, but I'm not looking at people, just the walls!

Magnanimous Mandi said...

I absolutely love red brick houses myself, my grandma had one and her house always felt like I home, I think the red brick had a lot to do with it. As I was looking through your pictures I couldn't help but think, what if someone who lives in these houses came across your blog, haha, wouldn't that be crazy!

flat roofing said...

Wow! Beautiful home picture. I love the home designs.